40th Anniversary of Signature '57s
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Click for Larger Image '57 Cadillac Eldorado John D'Agostino's slick custom jobs have earned him Hall of Fame status. His "Starfire" will add to that legend. It's long, sleek body was created by lowering the roof and modifying the rear tailfins. From its sparkling custom chrome grill to the '59 Caddy tailights in its split rear bumper, this car dazzles. "Starfire" may be the crowning jewel in John's brilliant career.
Click for Larger Image '57 Ford Fairlane Robert Kingsbury equipped his custom classic with crowd-pleasing flame throwers, but that's not the only reason his '57 Fairlane is hot on the car scene. Its 302 cid engine moves this Ford down a lane at a pretty fair clip, and its remote rear air shocks take it from being a low-rider to roadable with the flip of a switch. Robert has truly created a car fit for a Kingsbury.
Click for Larger Image '57 Chevy Funny Car Tom McEwen spent one year building what he considers the world's fastest '57 Chevrolet. He molded a one-of-a-kind, customized, fiberglass body in creating his Match Race supercar and powered it with a 500 cubic inch, nitro-fueled, supercharged Hemi engine pumpin' out 5000 horsepower. This car blistered a quarter mile in 4.72 seconds and has topped out at a record 265 mph.
Click for Larger Image '57 Plymouth Fury Al Scheib's Plymouth has been called the "world's wildest street-driven Mopar." Al took a stock '57 Fury with its classic fins, and dropped in a supercharged funny car engine that puts out 1500 horsepower. Then he tricked out the push-button Torqueflite transmission for ultra-quick shifts. This nitrous oxide-powered Fury is a gas to race and has Al laughing all the way to the finish line.
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