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Click for Larger Image Challenger 1
Land Speed Record - 401 mph
This was Mickey Thompson's most innovative car, featuring four modified Pontiac V-8 engines, each with its own transmission. Thompson linked them together operating them with one lever from a small cockpit located just behind the rear axle. Surprisingly, the car had no suspension, but the biggest innovation was in making the tires as small as possible. He convinced Goodyear to produce the first low-profile tires... and they worked! In 1960, Mickey broke the land speed record by traveling 401 mph.
Click for Larger Image Watson Roadster
Indy 500 Record - 143.137 mph
His name is synonymous with speed. Parnelli Jones won the 1963 Indianapolis 500, driving the Watson Roadster to a record-breaking 143.137 mph. Jones' car was named after Master Designer and Chief Mechanic, A.J. Watson, who refined and turned the four cylinder, 251.9 cubic inch Offenhauser engine to peak performance. Together their efforts made the '63 Memorial Day classic a race to remember.
Click for Larger Image '57 ChevyŽ 150
1957 Nascar Champion
In 1957 Buck Baker was on a mission to win the NASCAR championship and nothing would prevent that from happening. Buck entered the season driving a legendary Chevy 150 Black Widow, but three races into the season, NASCAR banned fuel-injected, factory produced cars, claiming they had an advantage over independent racers. So Buck modified his small-block 283ci V-8 to run with a single 4 barrel carburetor and went on to win 17 races, capturing the 1957 NASCAR Championship.
Click for Larger Image Willys Gasser
1/4 Mile - 11.22 sesc/126.93 mph
The Swindler, Stone, Woods & Cook Willys Gasser may be the most famous drag car of all time. It ran fast, won big races and looked awesome. Originally powered by a 6-71 blown, four-port Hilborn injected 394 Olds engine, the team won races in both the B and A Gas Supercharged classes. It was the first gasser to enter the 9 second range, eventually hitting 164 MPH and in '65 it won 97% of its races including A/GS at the NHRA Nationals.
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